Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your organization is a serious commitment, so you better make sure that you’re making this commitment to the right people. We are here to help you pick out just the right ones. Quest Consulting Services gives you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have a strong team of recruiters who dedicate themselves to help your company achieve its business objectives. Our process is foolproof and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest turnaround time.

Temporary Staffing

Across the country, organizations big and small are struggling to deal with uncertain outsourcing demands from the clients and volatile market demand. When things are uncertain, you may not want to hire permanent employees on a full-time basis. Quest Consulting Services provides reliable temporary staffing solutions that offer you the ability to build your staff strength without absorbing them full time, Onboarding Candidates Just in time during critical project needs, and keep projects moving. We are one of the leading Contract Staffing Services Organization in India, offering a full service, cost-effective and efficient Manpower Resources.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

At Quest Consulting Services we understand the importance of human resource outsourcing as many corporations like to delegate or bypass the cost and resource required for the staffing processes.RPO in India is still a relatively new concept and is continuously evolving throughout the subcontinent. We understand the potential of this field and have created a dedicated team that can efficiently cater to all the outsourcing needs of any company, size, or location. If you are looking for RPO solutions, we could be your ultimate choice for it. We deal in all kinds of recruitment related processes including recruitment process outsourcing.

Corporate Training

As one of the premier corporate training companies in India Quest Consulting Services provides 360 degree solutions using the CENT continuous engagement model. The CENT model integrates the parameters of performance with the organizations culture. Essentially it is a ‘solutions’ architecture with a four stage solution delivery approach. Our corporate training programs provide holistic solutions and we are committed to a philosophy of excellence. Any Solution provided becomes obsolete if doesn’t impact your primary objective – your business out comes, bottom line. Whether it’s maximizing productivity in Information Technology, Skill Enhancement, all our interventions have one common DNA – i.e. impacting business outcomes.

Payroll Management

One HR process that has been gaining popularity as an outsourced service is Payroll processing. Companies have started realizing the importance of reducing operational costs of their non-core activities and are shifting these responsibilities to outside vendors that provide payroll outsourcing services. You can now channel your HR staff to focus on building better employee satisfaction which would help you retain your top talent, while the payroll service company takes care of payroll services. Quest Consulting Services offers Payroll Services to Global Clients. Our team understands the importance of maintaining a competitive edge and retaining an employee. That’s why the team works hard towards helping our clients build a healthy employer-employee relationship by ensuring near perfect accuracy levels in the industry.



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About Us

Quest Consulting Services started operations in 2002,has been offering Consulting Services to many MNC Organizations across India and UAE. We have a dedicated and experienced HR team to deliver the best in the industry. We adopt a unique recruitment process in order to ensure that client’s requirements are met.We offer Search Services in Senior Level, Middle level and Junior Level positions. We have corporate office at Hyderabad India.